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by Will and Leanna

What would you do if you had a pill that would allow you to become rich and powerful with a superhuman memory, but came with a risk of severe health issues and even a chance of death? That is the question that Eddie Morra faces in “Limitless,” a film based on the novel, “The Dark Fields,” by Alan Glynn. It is directed by Neil Burger and stars Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, and Abby Cornish. It is rated PG-13 for thematic material involving a drug scene, violence including disturbing images, sexuality, and language.

Eddie Morra’s life has fallen apart. An aspiring writer with no motivation, he has become something of a bum. Then one day he runs into Vernon, his ex-brother-in-law, who offers him a revolutionary new drug that is guaranteed to help him finish his book. Vernon says the pill helps people tap into the 80% of their brains that is usually inaccessible. With nothing to lose, Eddie takes the pill and is amazed at the results. Suddenly he is able to focus on everything around him and absorb information into his memory at an incredible rate. He is finally able to write, and after a few hours, he has a sizable manuscript to turn in to his publisher. Unfortunately, when he wakes up the next morning, all the effects of the drug are gone. Eddie goes to get more of the pills, but finds that Vernon has been murdered and someone has trashed the apartment, presumably searching for the drugs. Eddie discovers Vernon’s stash and takes the supply for himself. He continues using the drugs and finds himself on the front page of the newspapers when he makes a small fortune in a matter of days by trading stocks. This catches the eye of prominent Wall Street investors, and Eddie is offered lucrative positions. Everything is going great for him, when suddenly he blacks out for 18 hours. He calls some of Vernon’s other clients to see if they have had side effects from the pills and finds that all of them are either severely ill or deceased. Eddie must choose between his new found life of power and the potentially fatal health risks that accompany it, or going back to his old mediocre, inadequate life.

The concept behind “Limitless” is highly intriguing. A different type of “psychological” thriller, it’s sure to keep viewers entertained as Eddie works his way into numerous dangerous predicaments and then brilliantly reasons his way out of them. It’s a roller coaster ride for the audience, who can certainly relate to Eddie’s desire to make more out of his life. Fun, fast-paced, but still intellectually stimulating, “Limitless” is a great choice for a wide variety of movie fans.

3 popcorn kernels


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