“Alpha and Omega”

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by Leanna

January 11th brings us “Alpha and Omega,” an animated children’s movie. The film features the voices of Justin Long, Hayden Panettiere, Danny Glover, Larry Miller, Christina Ricci, and Dennis Hopper, to whom the film is dedicated. It managed a meager $25 million domestically at the box office, with an estimated production budget of $20 million. It is rated PG for rude humor and some mild action.

Humphrey (Long) and Kate (Panettiere) are members of the same wolf pack. Kate is an elite Alpha wolf. The alphas comprise the head group in charge of hunting prey and defending their territory. Humphrey is an Omega, one of the lower-class wolves whose job is to lighten the mood of the pack through their antics. Humphrey and Kate have been friends since they were pups, and he secretly wishes they could have a relationship. However, according to wolf law, alphas and omegas are prohibited from “howling” together. Kate is supposed to marry Garth, an alpha in their rival pack. The marriage would unite the packs and prevent a battle over hunting territory. One day, while out in the woods, Kate and Humphrey are shot with tranquilizer darts. Park rangers relocate them to Idaho to repopulate. Kate and Humphrey must sort out their feelings for each other while finding a way home. If they don’t make it back quickly, the two packs will start a war in Kate’s absence.

While the concept behind “Alpha and Omega” sounds cute, and the previews looked great, the film is poorly executed. The plot is vague and wandering, starting with the introduction of characters and their social structures. Later, as Humphrey and Kate begin their trek home, the storyline becomes more congealed. The numerous characters simply aren’t as funny or as interesting as those in other children’s movies. It’s almost as if filmmakers just randomly assigned odd traits to each of them, without any goal or purpose. Unlike most box office kiddo flicks, and with the exception of a few scenes, the film fails to entertain adult audiences. On the bright side, children will surely enjoy the movie, and it’s not super scary, though there are some brief combat scenes. All in all, “Alpha and Omega” lacks consistency and fails to live up to its potential.

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