“The American”

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by Leanna

“The American” starring George Clooney was released to DVD and Blu-Ray on December 28th. This film adaptation of Martin Booth’s novel entitled, “A Very Private Gentleman,” grossed $35 million in domestic ticket sales and is rated R for violence, sexual content, and nudity.

Jack is an American assassin working in Europe. After he’s discovered and attacked in Sweden, he travels to Italy and awaits another assignment. He holes up in a small town, Castel del Monte, where he works on his next project, constructing a rifle for a new contact. He savors the slower pace of his life there and cautiously forms some relationships. Jack befriends a local priest and becomes involved with a prostitute. However, he can only avoid his former life for a little while.

“The American” is unlike most recent Hollywood productions. Though the movie is about an assassin, there are few action scenes and no mind-blowing special effects. The pace is slow, music is rarely used, and dialogue is extremely sparse. It’s a very quiet movie. Viewers aren’t given much background information about Jack or any of the other characters. In that respect, it’s much more realistic than most films that typically use dialogue to introduce and fully develop characters. All the bells and whistles are left out so that viewers focus primarily on Jack’s emotional experiences.

The many variations from normal modern movies will surely disappoint some viewers. Others may find meaning in the film and appreciate the beauty of the artistic cinematography and scenic Italian countryside. “The American” is definitely unique, and for that reason, it’s sure to stick with you for awhile.

2.5 popcorn kernels


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