“Green Zone”

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This week brings us “Green Zone” the latest collaboration from director Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon. They previously worked together on the last two “Bourne” movies. The film took in $35 million in domestic sales, and $93 million worldwide. It is rated “R” for violence and language.

Damon plays Roy Miller, an Army officer tasked with finding WMDs during the Iraq war. After searching several supposed weapons storage sites and coming up empty handed, Miller becomes suspicious of the intel that they are following. When a local civilian gives him a tip about a secret meeting of the leaders of the former Iraqi military, Miller takes his team to secure the location. A shoot-out erupts when they interrupt the meeting, and Miller catches a glimpse of the top Iraqi general, Al Rawi. From intelligence gathered in the raid, Miller begins attempting to track Al Rawi down, hoping to find legitimate weapons sites. As Miller gets closer to finding him, a special forces unit directly interferes with his investigation. Soon he begins uncovering a conspiracy to cover up bad intelligence that was used to justify the war in the first place. Miller must figure out the truth before the conspirators are able to cover their tracks.

As far as entertainment value is concerned, “Green Zone” is outstanding. The film is packed with fast-paced military ops, helicopter action, and even back alley chase scenes. Greengrass is a master of perfectly capturing the scenery and atmosphere of a location. The production team took great strides to accurately portray the feel of Iraq at the beginning of the war. In fact, many of the soldiers in the movie are actual U.S. troops.

With a controversial movie like this, it’s important to distinguish fact from fiction. The conspiracy in the film is actually conceivable, and if we’re not careful, it can fuel the unconventional theory that the government lied to the American people about the intelligence leading us into war. Damon’s character, Roy Miller, is based on a real person, Richard “Monty” Gonzales. He actually served as the primary military advisor for the movie, helping Greengrass create an accurate depiction of Iraq in wartime.

For more information, check out his article, The Truth About ‘Green Zone.’


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