“The Book Of Eli”

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“The Book Of Eli” is the latest movie directed by the Hughes Brothers (“From Hell,” “Dead Presidents“). The film had gross box office sales of $94 million domestically. It is rated “R” for brutal violence and language.

The film takes place after an apocalyptic war has destroyed much of the planet. The human race has been decimated, and rogue gangs now run rampant, preying on any they encounter. Denzel Washington stars in the film as Eli, a wanderer who holds the last known copy of the Bible. He is on a mission heading west to deliver the book “where it is needed.” Along his journey he is forced into violent confrontations and must kill or be killed.

Gary Oldman (“Harry Potter” series) plays Carnegie, the leader of one town along Eli’s journey. After discovering Eli’s copy, he will stop at nothing to obtain it for himself. Eli continues on his journey and must find a worthwhile place to deliver the Word, while keeping it out of Carnegie’s hands.

“The Book Of Eli” is a thought-provoking film sure to please fans of the action and drama genres. It is sort of a cross between Waterworld (only the opposite scenario) and Mad Max, with a deeper message. The tension builds as the story unfolds, and the action scenes are quick, intense, and slightly gory. The movie’s pace changes throughout the movie, alternating among the thrilling fight scenes and the slower, calm moments. The entire movie is engaging and holds viewers’ interest.

While the film is definitely entertaining, its message is important as well. It reminds viewers that our past influences our future. It points out the importance of written word. The movie especially demonstrates the enduring power of the Bible. Most importantly, it illustrates that God has a plan for each of us.

"The Book Of Eli"


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