“If I Stay”

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By Emily

“If I Stay,” based on the novel written by Gayle Forman and published in 2009, was released November 8th on DVD and Blu-Ray. This movie grossed $50 million and was directed by R. J. Cutler. The cast includes Chloë Grace Moretz (Mia) and Jamie Blackley (Mia’s boyfriend, Adam), as well as Joshua Leonard, Liana Liberato, and Jakob Davies (Mia’s close family members).

This movie begins with Mia and her family planning out their snow day, just a normal day together. As they are on their way to visit their grandparents, Mia and her family face a traumatic car crash, and soon, her whole world is turned upside down. After waking up, Mia looks around and sees an array of flashing lights and ambulances. When she sees the unconscious bodies of herself and her family members lying on the snowy ground and then later being carried away to the emergency room, Mia realizes that she is not in her physical body. No one can see her, but she can see everything. She follows her family to the hospital and is met by friends and family anxiously waiting to see what is going on. They cannot see Mia in this state, but only her physical, unconscious self. After hearing some heart-wrenching news, Mia must make a decision.

Mia, the shy, talented, violinist prodigy, whose hopes are set on going to Juilliard, must decide whether she wants to stay, or go. She spends the length of the movie reliving and remembering all of the times she has had with her family, Adam (her boyfriend), and Kat (her best friend). She focuses on Adam and all the changes that have happened because of him, and the argument they recently had due to his band and her decision to go to school far way. Throughout this process, Adam ends up showing up at the hospital, canceling his show, just to see Mia. Mia is torn on whether to stay and pursue her dream of going to Juilliard, living her life with Adam, and holding on, or whether to go and not have to deal with the loss she’s going to have to face and the heartache involved in that.

This drama will take you through a roller coaster of emotions as you are kept in suspense, wondering if Mia will choose to hold on or let go. The movie is by far a “chick-flick,” and I definitely would recommend it! I personally read the book, and though the film did not follow it exactly (movies based on books never really do), it still kept the same idea and details. I wasn’t disappointed in the least. So grab some tissues, and be ready for the sweetest, most emotional romantic drama ever.

3.5 popcorn kernels


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