“Brick Mansions”

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By Derian

“Brick Mansions,” starring Paul Walker, David Belle, and RZA had its Blu-Ray and DVD release on September 9th, 2014. This action-packed film grossed just over $20 million in the one month it played in most box offices, with $10 million on the opening weekend.

This movie is closely related to another David Belle film titled, “District B13.” If you happened to catch that film, you will absolutely love “Brick Mansions.” The movie is set in 2018 in one of the biggest criminal cities in America, Detroit. The crime has been extremely bad in recent years in a part of the city known as the Brick Mansions. The Detroit Police Department even had to build a giant wall to section off this abandoned, hopeless part of the city.

A man by the name of Tremain (RZA) runs the brick mansions and owns everything within. He wants to have the rest of the city under his jurisdiction as well. Early on in the film, you find out that Tremain had murdered the father of Damien Collier (Paul Walker), and Damien wants revenge. Paul Walker was renowned for playing characters similar to Damien, an undercover cop. He spends his whole career attempting to take down Tremain with no such luck.

An ex-convict who always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, named Lino (David Belle), seems to be in Tremaine’s way. After recently getting out of prison again, Lino plans to live a happy life away from the brick mansions. Shortly after being released, Lino finds out that Tremain has kidnapped his girlfriend. Damien and Lino become unexpected allies, as Damien has locked up Lino personally multiple times. For the sake of taking down a threat like Tremaine, the two work together to liberate the city from his tyranny.

This film is full of action and numerous crazy stunts, mainly performed by David Belle. However, Paul Walker never looked better while performing some wild moves of his own. The movie truly has great action and stunts and will not let down anyone wanting to see a film full of action and parkour. The movie definitely benefited from having the name of Paul Walker on the cover, however. The story line is mediocre at best and is almost a direct remake of the film, “District B13,” as mentioned previously. If you look beyond the fact that the storyline is basic and focus on the greatness Paul Walker and David Belle bring to the table, you will truly enjoy the movie.

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