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By Emily

The movie, “Neighbors,” came out on DVD and Blu-Ray September 23rd, was directed by Nick Stroller, and grossed over 150 million dollars! You definitely won’t be disappointed in this film starring Seth Rogen, Rose Bryne, Dave Franco, and, my favorite, Zac Efron!

Mac (Rogen) and Kelly (Bryne) are just getting settled into their new house and neighborhood with their little baby, Stella. They are happy and comfortable, getting used to parenthood and adulthood in general when some unlikely neighbors, the members of a fraternity, move in next door. Mac and Kelly, worried about their child’s sleeping patterns and up-bringing, confront their new neighbors, Teddy (Efron), the fraternity president, and his side-kick, Pete (Franco), smoothly asking them to keep it down. The boys are happy to oblige, but on one condition; that the parents do not call the cops. After Mac and Kelly join the boys in a night of wild fun, the neighbors seem to be getting along great. Kelly and Mac are able to feel young and free again, but they can’t forget their daughter and their responsibilities. So, after a sleepless night due to their loud neighbors, the parents are left with no choice but to break the one condition. The police are called, and their once calm and happy life is turned upside-down. A feud has begun.

The rest of the movie pretty much goes on from there. With payback after payback, and scheme after scheme, it will keep you laughing and interested for sure. From Seth Rogen and Rose Bryne’s comical behavior and attempts to get into the minds of college students to Zac Efron and his crew’s immature frat-boy behavior, you definitely won’t be disappointed. One thing I would point out though is that there are quite a few inappropriate parts, and this is by no means a family or kid’s movie. But it is definitely a great comedy for the more mature crowd! I give this film 3 popcorn kernels!

3 popcorn kernels


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