“Mom’s Night Out”

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By Jobea

Andrew and John Erwin bring us “Moms’ Night Out,” released on September 2. This film, which grossed over $10 million, is about three mothers who decide to take a well deserved night off while their husbands handle the rowdy kids. Things couldn’t possibly go wrong! While no huge A-list actors star in this film, the main characters are played by some recognizable faces, including Sarah Drew from “Grey’s Anatomy,” Patricia Heaton from “Everybody Loves Raymond,” Sean Astin from “Lord Of The Rings,” Alex Kendrick and Robert Amaya from “Courageous,” and country star Trace Adkins.

Allyson (Drew) is a mom who is all about the health and safety of her children, no matter how much stress it causes her or her marriage. She and her best friend, Izzy (Andrea Logan White), mother of young twins, decide they should take a night to relive their glory days of high heels and freedom. They invite their pastor’s wife, Sondra (Heaton), to join them while the menfolk stay behind with the wonderful but rambunctious bunch of kids. Things go well until Allyson discovers a miscommunication with the restaurant about the date of her reservation. Here is where one of my favorite comedians and actresses, Anjelah Johnson-Reyes, makes a laughable appearance as the cool and calm hostess. At this fancy new eatery, Allyson runs across the father of her sister-in-law’s baby, who was supposed to be watching their son that night. Discovering the baby was left in the care of a tattoo artist named Bones (Adkins), the ladies set out on an unexpected evening of adventure and hilarity. It’s not just the women who have a crazy night. The men discover that corralling the kids is more challenging evening than they anticipated.

The movie depicts a worst-case scenario for all situations, but we all have those days where these things could actually happen in our lives. For those of you who loved “Facing The Giants,” “Fireproof,” and “Courageous,” this film will also fill you with equal emotions and joy. It’s got a similar positive, uplifting message, but with tons of humor thrown in. It’s amazingly clean for all audiences, and it’s especially perfect for a ladies’ night in! Your inner mom will find comfort, inspiration, and humor in the God-filled film. It reminds us all that true peace comes from Him, and He will grant it if we only surrender it to Him.

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